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Here you got the "country" version of me!
Here, I'm Suzie!


Have you ever seen line dancers and think "That looks like fun!"  It IS fun!  But it's not as easy as it may look!
Most dancers have invested many hours, days, months, and years to be able to dance so many dances and make it look it easy.  And YOU can too!  Get started, keep practicing, and have fun.  The time passes and before you know it, you will dancing the night away too!  Be patient - it will take some time.

I've been teaching country line dancing for many years.  Though I personally like to dance at the upper beginner level, I teach basic beginner and some upper beginner level dances.


I like to teach classic dances done to older country music and also some newer country songs.  I also teach newer dances to some newer country songs.
I DO keep it country for the most part.  I will throw in a classic line dance that may not be country, but that is rare.  (example: Cupid Shuffle)

My classes are for YOU if:

* you have never danced but you have some natural ability and can pick up moves without too much trouble.


* you have line danced before but it's a while and you forgot a lot of steps.  (you'll pick 'em up quicker than you think!)

* you have danced other types of dances but not country line dance.  (there are many steps used in other types of dances that are also used in country line dance, and the dancer in you will pick them up easily!)


* you already know many dances but you want to come to class for the fun of dancing, for the social activity, to be with people with this common interest, to keep active and enjoy a fun way to exercise.


NOTE:  If you are the type that finds it hard to dance, I can take a little extra time to help.  However, I cannot slow the whole class down to do that.  I can take some time before & after classHowever, be aware the classes can move along over time and you may find the pacing a challenge.  Don't let that stop ya from giving it a try!  Practice at home is must for all of us.  :)


I am currently NOT teaching a class as of now but as that changes, I'll post it here, so keep checking back!  I will also post updates on my FB page for country line dancing. 

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                        Country Line Dance Instructor

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I must have a smoke-free environment.


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