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Jan. 6, 2019

Under contruction
Pleasd check back soon!

A Brief Description  (this is just a quick update - more details will be provided as I work on this section)

Remember this is a freelance site.  I have experience and skills in all of these areas.  I have a Teaching Certificate for Language Arts, but otherwise, I do not have any certificates as a Virtual Assistant or as a writer other than my experience & skills.  

As a Virtual Assistant, I can help in your office or from my home with things like:
scheduling, email (prioritize, create & send, clean out inbox, and more),  answer phones (during business hours or after business hours as an answering service; we'll discuss the times), paperwork/forms, appear as a representative at vendor events and other events, public speaking, and more.

As a writer, (a strength area for me!), I offer the following:
Blog entries, social media updates, editing, magazine articles, recaps & reviews of shows, and more!


My background includes:  BS degree, teaching experience, Language Arts teacher (teaching writing, grammar, spelling, etc), state government work (forms), retail.  Confidentiality!

I am especially fond of working with churches!


Check back for further updates!
Contact me to discuss any of the things I've listed here, or other ideas.  :)


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